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Alternative Rock

Sam Hart

Hope of Glory

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Hip Hop

Kanye West


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Tyson Motsenbocker


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Nathan Menard

Happy To Be Yours

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The Cost of Salvation


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Pop Rock

Jared Evers

25 Years

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On Fire

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Fool's Heart

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Our clients rave about us

Thomas Kercheval | Thank you so much! It's got the dynamics I wanted and still sounds loud and rich and full | March 25, 2015

WOW. It sounds truly amazing. I can't tell you how happy I am that I didn't settle for what Discmakers provided and went with you guys. You did a fantastic job on this. Actually brought a tear to my eye to hear it sounding this good after all the work I've put into it over the last almost two years. Thank you so much! It's got the dynamics I wanted and still sounds loud and rich and full. I don't hear anything I'm not happy with. Really thrilled!

Brigette Z. | Blake was patient and helpful throughout the process, and even did all of the embedding of codes and information so that it would be ready for duplication. | Feb. 21, 2014

From our initial contact with Mercury Mastering, we could tell that Blake knew what he was doing. He was very responsive to all of our communications, guiding us through our second mastering project like we were beginners. It had been five years since we last had to have a CD mastered and a lot has changed in that time, so we were essentially beginners again. Blake was patient and helpful throughout the process, and even did all of the embedding of codes and information so that it would be ready for duplication. Now to the sound ... Blake achieved a cleanness, richness, and warmness that had been missing from the previous recordings. This recording has the appropriate loudness and balance along with a good punch. Also, very importantly, Blake and Mercury Mastering got the mastering right the first time unlike the Bernie Grundman Studios where I had to send it back TWICE. So learn from our bad Hollywood/LA mastering experience ... go local and go with Mercury Mastering. You will be very pleased!

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Mercury Mastering is the #1 industry standard mastering studio for achieving the big label sound required for all audio recordings.The combination of our Grammy award-winning engineers, our acoustically treated rooms, and our legendary equipment (both analog and digital) proves that we are the #1 leader in audio mastering.

Mercury Mastering has worked with the World's musical greats, ranging all over the board including legendary artists such as Chicago, Cheap Trick, and Kiss, to various modern artists including Kanye West, Victoria Justice, Cake, and P.O.D.

What we do...

One of the studios' expert mastering engineers will master your material, using legendary analog and digital equipment. We will take your final audio recording and apply professional mastering techniques using our highly experienced Grammy Award-Winning engineers and high-end mastering gear (EQ, Compression, Stereo Imaging, De-Esseing, and Limiters etc...) to deliver you a master with clarity, warm low-end punch, stereo depth, detail… and of course an optimum LOUDNESS level that meets industry standards.


Every album in your collection has been mastered by a professional mastering engineer in an acoustically treated room. If you want to sound professional and compete with the loudness war in the music industry, it is absolutely critical that you master your music. It's the most important aspect that makes your sound match with the rest of the music industry.






-LOUD music


FREE Mastering Preparation Advice

FREE Mastering Revisions

FREE Mixing Advice

FREE Sample

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


"We will refund 110% of your money as well if you are unhappy with your mastering, no questions asked!"


Standard Turnaround Time

2-7 Days:

1 Song:   $75

2 Songs: $150

EP Package (3-5 songs): $300

6 Songs: $350

7 Songs: $400

8 Songs: $450

9 Songs: $500

Full Length Album (10+ Songs): 600


Rush Delivery:

24 hour turnaround! 

Just add $25 per song to your order.


Stem Mastering

(3-5 tracks for each song)

1 Song: $150

2 Songs: $300

EP Package (3-5 songs): $600

6 Songs: $700

7 Songs: $800

8 Songs: $900

9 Songs: $1000

Full Length Album (10+ Songs): 1200

Click "Start Project" below to upload your song and we will send you a FREE Mastered Sample


Mastering is the process where an experienced mastering engineer uses specially designed equipment and software to correct problems within each song. Mastering most importantly takes your audio to the next level and produces a final product that is "label ready". Our mastering engineers will adjust many variables including:

  • Adjusting Frequencies with Analog and Digital EQ
  • Balancing Left and Right Stereo tracks with Stereo Imaging
  • Compressing and Limiting the overall sound level to achieve a warm analog punch
  • Adding dithering
  • Establishing correct fades in and out of songs
  • Establishing Correct Spacing between each track
  • Adding ISRC Codes
  • Adding CD-Text Information
  • Creating DDP, BIN, or CUE Files for CD replication or duplication

A highly skilled Mastering Engineer will master your album. Each of us have worked with Grammy-Award winning artists and have achieved #1 status with the mastering industry.

We always do a sample for free. If you like what you hear, you can chose to move forward with the whole project by paying through our safe and secure website. After payment is made, you upload your files through our website or mail. Once music is mastered, high quality WAV files will be uploaded to your account on this website.

If you are not happy with the mastering results, we will make FREE revisions until you are happy. There is no limit to this. We are so confident in our work that we ensure this will not happen.

Yes. We encourage our customers to send out their song to many different mastering engineers. We are so sure that you will like ours the best that we offer this free sample as a service.

Yes. Although we have full-time Mastering Engineers on staff here, we also provide mixing services. If you are unhappy with your mix, we can work around any budget to get your final product to industry standard quality. If you would like for us to mix your project, contact us by filling out the contact form below!

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